UiPath.Core.Activities.GetQueueItems does not return the QueueDefinitionId, but instead the ID of the queue item

When using the UiPath.Core.Activities.GetQueueItems activity and retrieving the value for QueueDefinitionId, it returns the ID of the respective queue item instead.

Version: Studio 2021.10.5
UiPath.System.Activities = 22.10.4
UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities = 22.10.5


"id: " + item.Id.ToString
"Defid: " + item.QueueDefinitionId.ToString

I tested personally in Studio 2022.10.4 with UiPath.System.Activities[22.10.4], and indeed, the QueueDefinitionId (queue Id) is the same as the Id (queue item Id) in the response which is incorrect.

Until this is fixed, you may use the Rest API request calls for getting the correct QueueDefinitionId and Id.


The upcoming System 23.12 release will fix this issue :slight_smile: