UiPath Connect! is officially launched!


It is very nice. wow. A suggestion if we have the award info with link in the connect. It would be grateful.



Hey Balamurugan, are you talking about the Forum Community awards to be linked in Connect?


Yes @ovi…


hi, also can we show the one or two badges we hold in uiconnect platform. this makes profile better

apart from this suggestion, i have a question. i have completed all 3 trainings for a robot master. still i have not received my badge. can somebody help me


Hi @ FebinKAndrews,
In my case it has been included automatically, I am talking about the Ui Connect !

If you have completed the level 1, 2, 3 already then you can apply for the group accordingly.

I have given the link here




If you want all your Forum awards to be linked with your UiPath Connect profile you must be registered with the same email address in both platforms.

@FebinKAndrews also if you want badges from your UiPath Academy activity to be added to your UiPath connect profile you must be registered in both platforms with the same email address.
In this is the case you can raise a ticket to UiPath Connect Support so that they can have a look why you didn’t get the badge.


I think this is the key. i have not applied my self. - i used same email id anyway


i am using only one email id to connect all Uipath platform . still its not linked :frowning: anyway. i have requested approval in specifed groups given above


Also, the Robot Master badge should be shown under Academy Achievements, under the your Achievements page.
Here is the list of UiPath Connect badges and in which category each one is.


thanks a lot


I guess I’m the only one who finds this new platform a bit confusing. Is this going to be a replacement/re-brand for the newly launched go.uipath.com?

If you intend to have them both in parallel… it seems slightly redundant. Why can’t we just have 1 URL with profiles & components? It seemed like that’s exactly what GO! was when it launched.


Hi @octechnologist,

This post from Ana should clear out any confusion.

Also we should not only look at how things are but what they can become, especially when i comes from UiPath :slight_smile:



Thanks! I wouldn’t say it clears any confusion, per se, but at least I am aware that they are purposefully considered to be separate things.

I still don’t believe it’s intuitive, though. We should ideally have 1 “social” area that allows us to create our profile, then save other users as “friends” or "favorites, private message each other, interact with a forum, post & download components, and so on.

Feels more confusing to have multiple portals… but hopefully things will converge at some point.


UI Connect is an awesome idea! Kudos to the team…
The one thing i would like to suggest is adding live chat feature as well so that people get connected closely :slight_smile:


Dear @octechnologist,

That is our plan, to converge everything. This version of Connect is just the first step in our journey to have everything in one place.



One of the things we are considering is to add the integration with Slack UiPath community channel. Check it out here: uipathcommunity.slack.com



I logged your suggestion to the product owner’s board where they will review it and prioritize it according to Connect’s roadmap.

Also, if others have feedback on how to improve the platform, what new features would you like, please feel free to teach us what to do to have a even better product.



How can i login there. it says invalid userid /password. Do i need any separate account


Hi @FebinKAndrews

Please use this link to join our Community Slack: https://goo.gl/Gvy2wZ

Most up-to-date links are always in this thread:


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