UiPath Configuration File

Hello All,

I have UIPath configuration files in Excel format, I have attached the sample config file.
I want to read the excel each row automatically, Any Help.

Hi @yogavalli

How about using the read range activity?

This will read the entire excel sheet into a datatable which you can loop through using a for each row activity…

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

I have created like below format, But I m receiving error.


Using the read range will actually read the entire sheet as a datatable which is similar to the structure you see in the excel. So in the read range property, if you click on the add headers property, first row will represent the header of each column

What happens in the for each row activity is, it will loop through each row at a time. So basically, the row variable you see in the for each row activity represents the current row at a given time.

So what you are trying to with that code ConfigDT.Select is that you are trying to filter the datatable to show only a set of records based on the username. It cannot be done inside a for each row.

What you can do is, inside the for each row, you can use a code like this to access the data items of that particular row…

String URL = row(“URL”).ToString
String User = row(“UserName”).ToString

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Its working fine. Thank you @Lahiru.Fernando :slightly_smiling_face:.

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