UIPATH concept: Attended Robots integrating Unattended Robots (with technical integration)

Hi Community,

this is my current challenge and I wonder how UIPATH approaches such a problem.

Lets’s say:

  • We need to create data in the application CITRIX_A , that is published via Citrix. Currently there is no way to access it except for Citrix automation (screen / OCR capturing) and REST / SOAP API. Due to the inaccuracy of screen capturing we currently prefer the access via REST / SOAP API, which is only accessible by a technical user.
  • The data for CITRIX_A can be retrieved from several windows within application DESKTOP_A, which can be access via normal desktop automation (logical element detection).

Each robot is represented by exactly one user, because we need to trace all activities of the robots in the systems.

  1. First robot, let’s call him “robot_technical_user”, is represent by a technical user, which should access the REST / SOAP API of CITRIX_APP. Example: Create new customers via REST / SOAP request (put)

  2. Second robot, let’s call him “robot_colleaque_user” is represented by a “colleague robot user”, which should access DESKTOP_A and handover data to robot_citrix_a.

So robot_colleaque retrieves data from certain windows within desktop_a and now the data should be created in CITRIX_A. Therefore:

  1. the data needs to be handover from “robot_colleaque_user” to “robot_technical_user”.
  2. in CITRIX_A the creator of the data needs to be “robot_colleaque_user”, not “robot_technical_user”

Here are my questions:

  • Do you have any practical experience with integrating attended and unattended robots ? What is the approach of UIPATH here ?
  • Do you have any practical experience with combining desktop automatization with technical interfaces (see above challenge) ?