Uipath Compatibility with XForms or XML Forms

Hi Forum,

May i know if UiPath is compatible with Xforms(XMLForms), as i have come across an application which is basically a web application with 1 main div/frame, where on the page load the web page frame is populated with XForm, which has all the elements like textbox, combobox etc.

I tried using UiExplorer but it didn’t yield any results, UiExplorer recognized the page as java applet/swing as it insists to install Java Access Bridge(JAB), I dont see any need to install the JAB for 3 reasons.

1. Because I am able to automate other java applications like Oracle ERP on the same system by fetching the selectors using UiExplorer.
2.Even all things look good in accordance with this link : https://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/java-extension-troubleshooting.
3.When I right click on the application window it shows a option for view source which has all the XML tags listed

Do let me know if anyone of us has automated any XML froms application, any help would be highly appreciated.

MD.Samnan I

Hi @adrian,@badita,
any resolutions or answers if you guys have ?

I don’t know xmlforms. Do you have any sample app so we can take a look?


Hey adrian,
I may not be able to share the app, but you can refer to the documentation : http://www.w3.org/TR/xforms11/ to know about XML Forms. and please advise if these forms are compatible with UiPath.

Samnan I

are those xforms samples? http://cdi.uvm.edu/exist/xforms/examples.xml#d10e282

I tried this one:

and it seems to me that is just a normal web page which UiPath has no problems automating