UiPath Community & Enterprise 2021.10 Release - REFramework

We’re happy to share with you the newest features and improvements that come with the REFramework in 21.10. With each version, we strive to make REFramework better and more suitable for all the production automations out there!

Here are the improvements that were released in 21.10:

  • We added Orchestrator Queue Folder Name in the Config file and as input argument in Main.xaml.

  • We moved Process.xaml to the “Framework” folder.

  • We fixed an issue which consisted in setting a “Successful” status for a queue item in the event of a killed process:

    • We removed the invocation of Framework\SetTransactionStatus.xaml from inside the Finally block.

    • An invocation of Framework\SetTransactionStatus.xaml (surrounded by a Try Catch activity) was added after the invocation of Framework\Process.xaml, for the successful cases, in the same Try block.

    • On the Catch section, an invocation of Framework\SetTransactionStatus.xaml (surrounded by a Try Catch activity) was added for each type of exception (System Exception or Business Rule Exception).

  • Added a maximum consecutive retry number to avoid consuming the queue for persistent errors. There is a new global variable called ConsecutiveSystemExceptions as well as a constant value in config, called MaxConsecutiveSystemExceptions.

  • In case the maximum consecutive retry number is reached, the Job is now marked as failed (Faulted). This behavior can be enabled by setting the boolean value ShouldMarkJobAsFaulted in Config to True (by default, it is set to False).

  • Updated the failed queue items with the name and location of associated screenshots.

  • We added retry mechanism for Set Transaction Status and Get Transaction Item activities in case of error.

  • In the Init section, we now log the screen resolution.

  • We improved the project to be in compliance with the Workflow Analyzer default rules.

  • We updated the asset management:
    Before this version, when an asset was declared in the Config file (Assets sheet), but it was missing in Orchestrator, there was a log message with warning level. The process continued even if there were values missing for those keys and was prone for errors later in the process. With this new update, the framework now throws an exception when an asset is not found in Orchestrator and the process stops in the Init phase.

  • We added a new testing framework that uses the new features of Test Suite. In the REFramework folder, there is a folder called “Test” that contains some test cases related to the framework’s workflows.

  • We updated the documentation file in the “Documentation” folder in REFramework with all the new improvements.

We are eager to hear your feedback on these improvements! Do you have any other ideas that can be incorporated into REFramework?


Its great to hear, much needed improvements.

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Love this! Thank you @lavinia.nastase

Loved the new updates!!! Necessary to improve the tool further!!!

Request for adding status DT in set transaction status… This can be used by user in end state for sending out status to the client!!!

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Awesome fix. This issue would happen if a transaction was processing and you stop the automation like if you were testing or otherwise debugging a process. It actually was quite a bad situation! Nice to hear this is fixed now and that these items won’t be marked as “Successful”.

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Thank you UiPath Team for this wonderful features :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Agreed. This was a much-needed fix. Thanks.

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