UiPath community edition publish issue

Dear Team,

As per my understanding, UiPath Community version do not have published option.
Can you please provide details on that? What is mean by "We can’t publish from community version?

Please help.

You can publish your workflow using Community Edition in local or in orchestrator as well.

Navigate to Setup and Click on Publish, Your workflow should get published successfully. If its connected to orchestrator, then you can find it published there directly. If its not connected then your package should be available under …/ProgramData/UiPath/Packages.

Just curious to know, where do you see that message “We can’t publish from community version”?

Rammohan B.

Thank you for reply.

  1. Fetch all data from excel file
  2. Set data into related fields of forms (Web and windows application)
  3. Save data into database.
  4. Create and store .CSV/Excel file at central location.
  5. Access and get data from .CSV file

We can perform all above mentioned activities using UiPath community edition and publish it on client’s environment. Am i right. Please confirm