UiPath Community Edition on Google Cloud Platform / Elastic Robot Orchestration / cloud connections

I would like to run UiPath Community Edition on Google Cloud Platform. Is it possibile?

I was thinking how it works when we connect Google Cloud Platform as it is on the link below:

We need details of project not details of virtual machine. Will uipath orchestrator know which VM I want to use? Should I specify this somehow? I have few VMs in my projects and it doesn’t seem for me the case. I feel like I’m doing something wrong.

I want to run job without PC turned on. I installed uipath in google cloud but when I switch off computer it stops working. Any ideas why is that?

Thanks in advance !


You need to connect those VM’s to Orchestrator and using Schedules you can configure the process on which VM you need to run the process

For this you need to check the robot license allocated to that VM / User, Only Unattended bot license will satisfy your requirement. It has the capability to unlock the pc, run the process and logout VM once the process is done

Hope this may help you