Uipath Community Edition Free Renew License Issue

Hello guys,

my Uipath Path Community Edition license expired, i’ve tried to renew the license on the webpage over and over, but the license is still showing that it is expired. Has anyone encountered any issue on this before, where you filled the renewal form but the license was not renewed? please help thanks!

Hi @MythicGold


Contact Technical Support


Yesterday i am also facing the same issue while renew the license.
At last i downloaded community free version uipath studio again and it is working now.

mine is a community free edition, i can’t use that technical support

so you uninstalled uipath and reinstalled?

No. I directly install newly download file without uninstall of previous.
They wont provide support ticket for free edition


Go to this folder and delete license folder and try it once.


Other alternative is to connect that machine with Orchestrator and then check it.

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there are 2 license folders i’ve found, license folder and licenseInternal, do i delete both or just the license?


Just take backup of those files and then delete from there and then try once.

Thank you for your help, my issue is solved :slight_smile:



Could you please close this thread by marking my above post as solution.

You are Gold dear !!! I was also facing same issue, it is solved.

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I had problems with renewing Uipath community edition … this solved my problem / issue.


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