Uipath Community edition activation using Enterprise License


I want to know if there is any issue in applying Uipath Enterprise License to community edition and activating it ?

I have been using Uipath commmunity edition in the beginning and later purchased enterprise license, but since i have already developed some process in community edition i re-activated the community edition with the license purchased. Does this cause any errors? Should i download the enterprise edition? Please help me out.

One thing even you applied enterprise license in the community edition installer, the autoupdate will still function, Whilst the enterprise installer does not.

Hi @Emman_Pelayo,

Thanks for your reply. I have one more question , i.e if revert back to Enterprise will it effect my process since all the processes where developed in community edition. So will there will be an issue if I switch from community to Enterprise edition?

No issues as long as the version is align.

Hi @Basil_Benny

I think the below article can answer your question

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Thanks @Emman_Pelayo

Thanks for your reply @Natapong