Uipath community does not work for continuous executions

I greet the whole community. I have a problem with the community version of uipath, I designed a robot that runs every day every 30 min, but something happens to the UIPATHcommunity and at the time of running it does not and I have to reinstall it, and it is solved. The question is the
UIPATH community has limitation of keys for executions or why can’t I use it this way?

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May I know the exact issue
If that process involves lot of data then it can be a reason

If a large amount of data is appropriate, why does this happen? So the solution would be to use the uipath studio?

Hi @Sebasthian_Arias

Are you getting any errors while running? may I know what is exactly happening?

it does not present any error only that it does not run the uirobot.exe
I reinstall the uipath community and run again and it works