♟ UiPath Community Chess Championship 2024 ⚜

:boom: Talk about an event like no other? Wait no more!
By grace of our Zurich and Paris chapters and UiPath MVPs :woman_astronaut:t2:@Hiba_B and :man_superhero:t2: @Roman-Routinuum, UiPath Community will host the first-ever online:

:white_circle: :black_large_square: UiPath COMMUNITY CHESS TOURNAMENT 2024 :black_circle::white_large_square:

Are you a chess aficionado? Maybe not yet, but you’d still like to give it a try or watch the community ‘masters’ at play. Sign up for this one-of-a-kind community gathering, which promises to bring together our members in a fun and engaging way:

:date: When? And where to register??
:point_right: May 10, 13:00 CET, Preparation event
:point_right: May 16, 13:00 CET, Tournament Qualifiers event
:point_right: May 17, 13:00, Tournament Finals event

:trophy: Prizes:
All finalists (last round) will receive a UiPath swag bundle voucher and will be accordingly mentioned within the event’s news and social media aftermath.

:chess_pawn::rocket: :chess_pawn: Start your chess journey right now and jump onboard to play and learn from fellow UiPath peers!
*The tournament will be played on the www.chess.com platform — so please make sure to register an account.
#uipathcommunity #uipathmvp


It was fun! thanks for tournament, I will train to be better next time :slight_smile: :sweat_smile: