UiPath Community Awards 18.4


Thank you UiPath and team.

Congratulations to everyone!!!

Happy new year to all.
Looking forward to a more robotic year ahead!! :robot:

Love :heart:


Thank you UiPath and team
Congrats to @balupad14

Congratulations to everyone!!! :tada::tada::tada:
Happy New Year :slight_smile:


I invoke the Vinay’s rule :smiley:

I want to transfer my award to @dkollyns

I wish that in this year we all achieve all of our goals and I wish all the best for everyone in Uipath Community. You guys are the best :smiley:

Congratulations to all and a Happy 2019 for everyone! Let’s keep rocking!


@EDIT Sorry for the delay in my response, I was on vacations xD. But now I’m back with 100% energy :muscle:


Thank you so much @Lucas.Pimenta and congrats to all the winners :smile:


Congrats, amazing contributions :slight_smile:


happy new year everyone


The post was edited accordingly. Congratulations @dkollyns :slight_smile:


you guys are rockz, really deserved it. Wishing everyone a happy new year 2019


Congratulations to all the winners. You guys deserve it. :slight_smile:

Wishing you all a very happy new year. Have a wonderful year ahead. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.


Congratulations to all the Award winners :bouquet: :blush: KUDOS to all of you! :beers:
And wishing you all a Happy New year 2k19 :birthday: :cake: May this year you get a better position and great learning experiences. :confetti_ball::tada:


Thank you so much @loginerror :slight_smile:


Happy New year everyone!! :zap: :firecracker::guitar: :tada:
Congrats Winners :bouquet: :blush:


Congratulation All:sparkles::tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree:


Congrats to all the winners :clap::clap::clap: KUDOS to all…