UiPath Community Assistant keeps blackscreeening on the VM

Has anyone with the communtiy assistent the problem that it keeps going black after it runs some hours quitly on my remote server? I cant click on the processes anymore. When I am restarting the maschine it is ok again but after some hours again keeps blackscreening the assistant.

Version 2022.4.1

Hello @david.mitrovic

Is there any space issue in the VM? Could you please check the overall memory utilization when the assistant is moving to black screen?

What I dont understand?

check the memory utilization in your VM

I have like 8 GB RAM that should be enough no?

Hi @david.mitrovic,

As @Rahul_Unnikrishnan has suggested, there may not be enough free memory. It may be worth deleting all of the temp files from path: C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Temp, running Disk Cleanup or CCleaner and then restarting the VM, and see if anything changes.

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