UiPath Community 2023.4 Stable Release - various Activities

This topic goes in-depth about the improvements in various Activities. To read about other products, please navigate to the main topic here .


Desktop Excel enhancement to pivot tables and removing duplicates

In order to use these, you’ll need to update your Excel package to the latest version.

We introduced an option to refresh all the pivot tables in Excel, removing the need to do add an individual activity for each pivot table.


Additionally, you’ll now be able to filter columns and rows on a pivot table, outside of a specific filter column set.

We also added an option to remove duplicates by comparing all columns without having to specify which columns to compare.

Repair Tool for Microsoft Office compatible with the 2021 version

We’ve added compatibility with Microsoft Office 2021 for the Repair Tool. Simply select it from the version and you’ll be able to generate a Repair Plan to target this version.



DataTable activities in Cross-Platform projects

DataTable activities gained Cross-Platform project support.

Several workflow control activities have been improved

The improvements include both visuals and added functionality.







Nice, I love the changes for if, switch, etc. Looks very clean!


I still don’t understand why we’re not able to use Expressions in the cases of a switch like you can in a VB.NET select case and C# switch. This would increase flexibility in a significant way.

Yeah, the new graphic changes to the if activity is awesome and will save space. Sometimes all you need is an IF statement, not ELSE.

The ‘hide else’ option has been available since 21.10 I think, when they were still next to eachother. :wink:

tbh I prefere the side by side over the top to bottom approach for if-then-else. I like to think of it as a crossroads where I decide to go left or right. I see both exits in one overview.
If they are beneath eachother all I see is left. And after all the code for left is exhausted, right becomes visible.

I am aware that with proper coding, smaller sequences and collapsable containers it is managable, but the fact that I need to manage stuff to keep that oversight makes it a step back instead of forwards in my opinion.


Can you no longer use embedded IF statements repeated inside themselves for more complex routing/questioning of the gathered data, as when I open such an automation in 2023.4 it seems to wait 5 seconds then change the automation to remove any embedded IF statements, losing 80% of my automation…!!!

Ignore this above, it just changes/hides all the else options within the IF stmt… Very frustrating…

Is there a way to change the setting so it doesn’t auto hide the else part of the function…???