UiPath Community 2023.12 Release

UiPath Community 2023.12 Release

Studio and StudioX

As the year concludes, we’re thrilled to announce our latest release, packed with long-awaited capabilities to streamline the development process. This update, focused on empowering developers, offers advanced tools for building sophisticated automations, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and support for our developer community.

Autopilot lands in Studio

Starting with this release our community users can preview the Autopilot capabilities for generating expressions or to generate coded workflows.
You can now convert natural language into expressions for both VB and C# using the enhanced expression editor.

Using Coded Workflows is now easier since Autopilot can write the code for you.

Edit activities during Debug

We’ve streamlined the debugging process by allowing modifications to the workflow for the current activity. This enables you to apply changes without needing to halt your session.

Navigate workflows

You can use the Navigate Backward (Alt +Right ) and Navigate Forward (Alt +Left ) to move to previous locations in workflows.

System Activities

Execution Mode was added to the Invoke Power Shell activity

You can now select your desired execution mode when working with the Invoke Power Shell activity. This allows you more flexibility in your development, because you can now choose to either use the PowerShell SDK that comes bundled with the System package, or the one available on your execution machine.

The available options include:

Additionally, given the complexity of this activity, we upgraded the content of the related documentation article to help you better understand and utilize all its functionality.

You can refer to it here:


Support for Coded Workflows

You can now use Excel activities part of Coded Automations to help build reusable coded workflows or coded test cases. The activities available are part of the Modern Excel package as well as Workbook, with more activities planned to be onboarded.

Workbook activities:

  • Read range
  • Write range

Modern Excel activities:

  • Use Excel File, Excel Process Scope
  • Read Range, Write Data Table to Excel, Append Range, Copy Paste Range, Find First Last Data Row, Clear Range, Delete Rows / Column / Sheet, Export to CSV, Execute Macro, Auto Fill, Auto Fit, Change Pivot Table Data Source, Copy Chart to Clipboard, Create Table, Duplicate Sheet, Fill Range, Filter Pivot Table

New activities

We’ve also added the Select Range and Get Selected Range from the Classic Excel Activities to Modern. This should help with use cases that require selection:

  • When you want to apply UI Automation changes to a selected range (formatting, shortcuts)
  • When you want to retrieve selection from a Sheet


:rocket: Starting with 2023.12, Task Mining is available within UiPath Products section in Assistant. Task Mining is a cloud-based recorder that helps you document business processes by capturing desktop activities. You can read more details on the documentation page, here.

If you want to enable or disable a certain application, access Preferences → UiPath Products.

:hammer_and_wrench: From version 2023.12 onward, we aim to enhance the process of creating support tickets by helping users generate a diagnostic whenever an error arises. When this occurs, you will receive guidance on using the diagnostic tool, prompting you to select a destination for saving the file. We recommend attaching the archive created by this tool to any potential tickets you may create.

:grey_exclamation:This improvement is only available for enterprise-licensed users.


The UIAutomation 23.12 Preview package has been released slightly delayed, so it is not packaged in the Studio 2023.12 Preview. You are still able to try the new features by just updating the UIAutomation package dependency in your project to v23.12.0-preview.

Support for Managed Embedded Browsers Web Triggers

With version 23.12 we continued the investment in Windows attended automation to support use-cases involving Embedded browsers applications.

Starting with version 23.10 we provided support for automating standalone applications with native embedded browsers such as Slack, Discord, Electron. With 23.12 we also bring support for managed embedded browsers such as CefSharp.

Moreover, as of this version, embedded browsers also expose the Text selection changed event, which was previously only available for web applications.

To get <html> + <webctrl> selectors for the target element to be monitored, you need to set the project setting UI Automation Classic > Browser > Enable WebView2 Native Automation to True.

New native events support for HTML

New HTML window events have been added and are available through the Application Event Trigger activity for a web page identified via <html> + <webctrl> selectors:

  • Tab navigation started
  • Tab navigation completed
  • Window focus changed
  • Window bounds changed
  • Window created
  • Window removed

Text selection changed event support for UI Automation Apps

We added support for native monitoring Text selection changed event for applications built on Microsoft UI Automation framework (such as Office applications – Word, Outlook, Excel, OneNote). This event is available through the Application Event Trigger activity if an UIA element is selected for monitoring.

JxBrowser 7 support

We added support for JxBrowser 7 (Chromium based) through the existing Chromium Native automation infrastructure. This is available for preview by setting the following environment variable: UiPath_WEB_WIDGET_NATIVE_OFF_SCREEN_SUPPORT=java.

The Project Settings > UI Automation Classic > Enable WebView2 Native Automation should be set to True to be able to generate <html> selectors for applications embedding browsers.

Modern UIA Recorder support for new technologies

Unified UI automation recording experience decreases automation efforts and Citizen Developer technical background requirements, leading to faster automation program adoption within enterprises, thus faster time to value.

The Modern UI Automation recorder has been enhanced to support the SAP Web GUI, SAP Win GUI, WPF, and QT-specific selectors.

This feature increases the quality and reliability of the generated automation, via recording.

Support for Object Repository in Studio Cross-platform projects

We now have Object Repository support available with UI Automation Activities in Cross-platform projects. With the functionality already known from Windows projects, you can create and reuse UI objects inside and across Cross-platform automation projects.

Modern version of Inject Js Script activity

With version 23.12 we provide a modern version of the Inject Js Script activity, that offers the same functionality as its classic counterpart (UiPath.Core.Activities.InjectJsScript), both for Windows and Cross-platform projects.

Additionally, it brings the power of UI Automation modern activities to identify targets with the unified target concept and use an Object Repository stored element.

This activity must be placed inside a Use Application/Browser activity and can only be used for browsers.

Here is an example of an Inject Js Script activity used in a cross-platform project.

Semantic Activities

Fill Form

This new activity brings in the AI magic and the state-of-the-art semantic matching and execution engine from Clipboard.AI to the unattended world of UIAutomation. Forget adding endless Type Into activities when creating a fill-form automation! By using the new Fill Form activity, you’ll just need to indicate a Data Source, while the rest is magic: the destination form is automatically picked up from the UIA Scope.

Data Source can be any structured or even unstructured data:

The activity deals with DocumentData (extracted using Document Understanding), data entities, datatables, dictionaries, JSON files, as easily as it does with unstructured text. The data schema is automatically extracted at run-time and AI semantically matched with the destination form fields, which is then inputted into the corresponding form.

For now, Fill Form is only available in cross-platform projects in Studio Desktop and in Studio Web.

Computer Vision

CV as Targeting Method for Cross-platform projects

Computer Vision is finally crossing the bridge towards the cross-platform world and is now fully available in Unified Target for Studio Desktop cross-platform projects and in Studio Web. CV activities have not been migrated, as our north star approach is using CV in Unified Target while gradually moving away from using the dedicated activities.

Content Scroll Offset for CV Activities

You can now define a custom offset for the scrolling area:

  • When using the Run-time Auto-scrolling feature in the CV activities via a new property in CV Screen Scope:

  • When extracting scrollable tables using CV Extract Table or scrollable text using CV Get Text

Get Attribute for CV checkboxes

Get Attribute now also supports outputs for CV checkbox targets via the "checked” attribute.

Document Understanding

We’re happy to announce what we have been up to lately and hope the following improvements not only ease your life but also provide better results for your Document Understanding automations⭐️

Generative Validation for Data Extraction in the IntelligentOCR Package – Public Preview

New options are available for you to ensure the best possible results from your data extraction automation: you can choose to validate your data, extracted by any means available, against Generative AI predicted values.

All you need to do is enable the “ApplyGenerativeValidation” option and select a ConfidenceThreshold for the new feature:

Once you tick the Apply Generative Validation option, the Data Extraction Scope activity will perform the validation for you, against the Generative AI results:

  • if your selected extraction method(s) for the field gave the same result as Gen AI, then the confidence for that extracted value will be boosted to the GenerativeValidationConfidenceThreshold you set.
  • if Gen AI returns a different result, the original results reported by your extraction methods are unchanged.
  • Gen AI validation is only applied to the values that are below the confidence threshold you set, and the confidence will be raised to the same threshold level.

You know what? A picture is worth a thousand words. So here’s a Before and After:


  • First Name was extracted with a confidence above 99% (the set threshold), therefore generative validation wasn’t applied.

  • Last Name was extracted with a confidence of 82% (lower than your confidence threshold), so generative validation was applied. Gen AI returned the same value => the confidence was raised to your set confidence threshold (99% in this case).

  • For the Loan Amount, Gen AI and my extraction method returned different values, therefore the value remained unchanged.

A few best practice points need mentioning:

  • Gen AI is “the second doctor’s opinion” on your extraction results. As good as it is, it should be taken with a grain of salt. That is why we let you configure the confidence threshold – so you can boost confidence for the extracted values in a controlled manner.
  • The validation confidence threshold should be set to a threshold above which you know your chosen extraction method gives accurate results, whether it’s specialized AI models, RegEx or Form extractors. Generative validation is not meant to double-check on what’s already working well. Results below the confidence threshold, though, may be good or bad – this is where generative validation can help.
  • Sometimes, for very complex documents, both specialized models as well as generative extractors make the same mistakes. We recommend you test your processes thoroughly and with relevant inputs before deciding on configurations, thresholds, etc.

This is the first step in the data validation direction in Document Understanding, we will be developing this further in the upcoming months. If it works (or doesn’t), if it helps (and how), please send us your feedback so we know!

Note: using this feature may incur AI Unit consumption when in General Availability.

Updates to generative capabilities prompts

We’ve heard you! And increased the size of the input prompt for both extraction and classification to 500 characters – if this is still not enough, do let us know! Furthermore, with the latest updates, you are now also able to provide variables as prompt inputs – or when building the prompt

Support for multi-values fields in Document Data

You may already be familiar with the Document Data object, used as an input and output object for the new Document Understanding Activities – we have now enhanced it, so it allows you to work with multi-valued fields, returned by specialized out-of-the-box or custom models (support for generative extraction is on the roadmap).

Consequently, when fields:

  • Return one value → find the corresponding result in the Data#Field#Value property
  • Return multiple values → find the corresponding result in the Data#Field#MultiValues property, containing a list of Values, each with a corresponding confidence score

Let us know how it works! Is it easy for you to work with? Clean? How else would you like to access these details?

Updates to our digitization algorithm

To increase the accuracy of our text digitization capabilities, we’ve made some improvements which should result in increased performance as well as better outputs, especially around the area of word order and grouping – let us know if you notice otherwise!

Please tell us what you think

Which features excite you the most and you are going to try right away? We want to hear what you think! Please use the image button below :slight_smile:


I’ve updated it.

I cannot find modern design experience option

It’s certainly gone from the project settings tab. I wonder if the specifications have changed.

Before Update

After Update

@patent-atanaka and @dhwang4 Modern is the default and only option starting with this release. You can still find old classic activities using the filter from activities panel if you want to use them.


Hi Developers, I would thank you for all these useful updates. When I began my work today and was struggling for codes, I surprisingly noticed that there is a new input dialogue at the bottom with a hint that says “Describe your expression in natural language”. Without hesitation, my requirement has been imported and a desired coding expression magically showed, and question solved. :laughing: Thank you again for the great improvement.

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Hi @alexandru ,

If I understand it correctly - From this release onwards there is no way to create a Project in classic design nor we can convert a modern project to a classic one.

Also, For Enterprise, what would be the last release where we could find the classic projects (2023. X)?

Thank you for your time.


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Do we have a release date for enterprise licence ?
We are waiting to have a look a new powershell capabilities as well as enabling live streaming, but since all have changed with now the use of RealVNC we want to wait

Best regards

You are right. 23.10.x is the last enterprise release with this control. Is this impacting your development? Please feel free to DM me if you have some specific scenarios that we might have missed.

After the 2023.12 release update, my UIrobot.exe stopped working. It even runs, but the task of saving photos (http request), writing to CSV (write text file) and uploading (with ftp session) are not performed.

Run via .bat
C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Programs\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe" execute --file "C:\RPA\scheduled-tasks\task.1.0.28.nupkg

I’ve already tried on Windows 10 and 11, with Windows and Windows-legacy versions

My version: Community Edition

the point is that given the “Modern” toggle disapeared from project settings it is not possible to switch it ON and “Classic” project remains in “Classic” - unless you manually change the setting in project.json

And therefore the hint in Object repository doesn’t work…

Maybe it is not bug but feature? :slight_smile:


EDIT: Even after changing project option “modernBehavior” to true the project still behaves as “Classic”

Any Refrence on how to use the Excel activities inside coded workflows , just a sample of just reading an excel and stroe the data in a datatable

@alexandru if i open the Project again, this Option is disabled

@J0ska I see it like you, it will be a bug


Default: “modernBehavior”: false,
New: “modernBehavior”: true,

If i reload the Projekt, the Activity Filter Option Classic is visible. This means the Project are now in Modern Design. And as you can see, the Project Settings are now Modern Design Experience Enabled.
image image