UiPath Community 2022.7 Preview Release

Awesome release. Looking forward to getting these in stable version of Studio.
Especially liking the look of Data Manager, more metadata for libraries, passing exceptions between processes, and the new US CV server!!


Can’t wait to see this on enterprise


I updated to this version yesterday. The for each row in Data Table is showing this error “value for a required activity argument ‘values’ was not supplied.” Seems a bug. Downgrading the system.activities solves the issue.


Excellent Enhancements.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

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Great to see some color inside of Studio :heart_eyes:

Is it customizable?

I’d really like to be able to mark specific scopes or activities to improve documentation.
Just like you do in the screenshots with a red rectangle to mark anything important.

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I also encountered this problem, and I can’t solve it.

I think I have an almost obvious resolution.

Don’t use the For Each Row and just use the For Each and set the datatype to DataRow.

There seems to be some trouble. I think the authorities will fix the problem right away.

This morning I tried the new CV local server, as I described here, and it works great. The detection accuracy is really much more better. E.g. menu items that were previously recognized as one text are now displayed individually, this makes automation with CV even easier.


Hi @loginerror,

This is great as even libraries created in Studio can be elegantly designed to make it easier for the user of the library.

May be this is a good thing, but in my view, having everything in one place makes it cluttered. I still prefer to use Variables and Arguments panel. Clear seperation and known utilities. I would believe Resources panel is the apt place for all things related to Orchestrator or other UiPath product integrations. All in all, Data manager seems to be a cluttered UI and duplicating already very well adaopted and understood panels in Studio.

This is a welcome addition. We can avoid installing Microsoft extensions to manipulate Collections.

Here developers need to be aware of the consequences. If cache is enabled and a developer uses a set asset in their automation and in the next transaction gets the asset, the cache feature will not fetch the updated asset from the Orchestrator and use the previously fetched value, which might result in failures.
May be the academy course need to highlight that while using this option the the Solution Designers or Developers need to be aware of both the positives and negatives of this option.

That is a godsent, we noticed that this is going to be one of the challenges as the current Object Repository does not have any inbuilt way of porting from one browser to another.

@StefanSchnell I have to try the LocalServer option in CV Scope. Looks promising for some usecases especially, when we have a On-Premises setup. Thank you for the writeup.


Invoke activity exception feature is worth.

UiPath Team,
Request you to please release Studio for MAC OS and Ubuntu.

Hi Could you show a demo or example about this?
Is it mean I can leverage RDP A to operate RDP B?


Its good to see new features from UiPath

Hi Team,

@loginerror I have a weird behavior while invoking workflow files. This is what I am experiencing:

I updated to the latest version

I created a new Cross-platform project

I created a new workflow named “sequence.xaml” and added one input and one output argument

I invoked the “sequence.xaml” from the “main.xaml” file and no argument appeared, not even the properties panel

This is the expected experience:

Any recommendation?

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Can you try the UiPath.System.Activities[22.4.1]?
Which are the results?

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@marian.platonov I already tried different versions, having the same result:

The arguments appears OK for windows projects. The issue happens for cross-platform projects

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Data Manager looks nice! I like that you can drag and drop asset from it, no need to go to Orchestrator to check the asset name first. Can’t wait to try.

Do you guys have any idea when REFramework will be updated to support Windows compatibility with C#? Currently it allows only Windows compatibility with VB. Thanks!

Can you remove the UiPath.Testing.Activities from the project? Which are the results?

Can you create a new fresh project? Which are the results?

In Studio 2022.4.4 Enterprise in a new project C# Cross-Platform it is working:

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Can’t change StudioX compatibility from '‘Windows’ to “Windows-legacy”?
All existing packages are Windows-legacy and cannot be loaded.

Thank you