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Thanks @loginerror.
I am in the process of launching a YT video series. I will refer to this thread as an FYI.

For me it is an issue of timing because i built the automation before i upgraded to 2022.10 and then came across this issue after.

I am hoping that if users open my project in 2022.10, the flag would be internally loaded as True just as I had set it up in the previous stable release.


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I see the enhance visual looks great but still i would like to see some sequences and body or even some annotation related.

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“Same issue from Mike_Campbell MCampbell Junior Robot”

After upgrading to 2022.10.1, my test project was flagged as needing update from legacy to windows.
I ran the update and it appeared to compile.
After starting to run my test, I get the following exception, very early in my project…

“VisualBasicValue: Expression Activity type ‘VisualBasicValue`1’ requires compilation in order to run. Please ensure that the workflow has been compiled.”

I also updated the packages to current just to make sure there wasn’t a companion package needed… same result.

I started running it in debug mode and found that the expression it was hanging on was (I thought) a simple text test from a string variable:

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Hi , I have a problem.
After migrate to windows from windows legacy. I cannot found some important 3rd part packages in marketplace. So is there any way to migrate back to windows legacy?


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So when you convert a project from legacy to widows the old project is not lost :slight_smile: So you can just open the older project and continue to develop it or to use it.

If you have not selected the “Create new project” option than the conversion is a one way process.



No . if you just copy xmal file from windows project to windows legacy project, you cannot open that xaml file in windows legacy project, it will report error.

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Documentation shows 2022.10 is the last version to allow users to create new projects using the Windows-legacy framework, continuing on to state you will still be able to open and edit Windows-legacy projects. I have not read anything discussing when executing such projects will be deprecated.

Take a look at the “Upcoming deprecations” section of the Studio 2022.4.1 Release Notes:

*EDIT: I just saw the reply by @alexandru (currently no plans to deprecate execution of legacy workflows).

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I’m a bit puzzled , since I did not suggest that you could just copy the files around and continue your work.

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Liked the feature on grouping the variables by scope. :slight_smile: good one. As we are introducing global variables, can we have feature to see dependency map on the global variable/constant usage in the project? It will add value on debug and review.


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Hey @Thong_Mai_Tr_ng_Hoang ,

Are there specific instances when you’d like to see the sequences?

You also have the option to switch back to the previous design and display all sequences:


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Hi @Raluca_Laic ,

I want to view the old Annotation that i already have on previous projects. Thanks for the information

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I really appreciate all the enhancements in Studio.

From my experience, I have many a times faced issues with Arguments and Variables which is now solved with Global Variables.

Also, missing activities improvement was a major concern since we have no clue of what went missing. Its great to see this enhancement and i am sure it definitely helps in saving a lot of time and avoiding confusion.


OMG is anyone else already had enough of the vertical IF activity…!!!
It’s driving me mad…!!!
How can you have complex If’s potentially leading to other If’s etc in this new column view… Even if you have more than a couple of things in each ‘then/else’ it just becomes soooo unwieldy to view and work through as a flow chart etc…

Please, please tell me there is a way that I can change something to view them in the original way again…???



hello, could you update how the UiPath.Python.Activities 1.6.0 works, it seems it does not work in the new version
thanks in advance

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Can custom activities also take advantage of this new feature or it was designed for official UiPath activities only?

If custom activities are also covered, do we have any documentation of how to create the manifest file?

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Yes, anyone can benefit of the new designer. For now, you can build Studio libraries to benefit of the new UI but we are also working to document how to create your own activities.


Yes - someone please tell us how to change it back!

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I noticed something:

Global Variables are available only in Windows project? Is it possible to create one in Windows-Legacy?