UiPath Community 2022.10 Stable Release - Studio & StudioX

@Raluca_Laic THANKS! I didnt realise I would need to update the packages as well. That looks much better now. Thanks for the updates on the other items as well.

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What information does “color support” provide?

  1. Global Variables look great. Seems Config is a good candidate for it.
  2. What exactly are the benefits of .NET 6 and 64 bit platform?

Hey @Steven_Raines1 ,

The colours help distinguish the packages they are part of at a glance, without having to remember Activity names. In the example there, the UIAutomation package has an orange colour which differs from the Excel package for example which is green.

Hope this helps!

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hi, turning an old project into this new version gets errors:
what can I do about it? it’s a backend error, doesn’t depend on my code

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What could be the reason for this float and other options in the panel being disabled?

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Thank you @alexandru !
The studio environment looks freshened up.

I was able to convert a legacy project into the latest version error free and run it in Studio and did not run into any issues. Good so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

I however see that the Invoke Process Activity is missing the Use Package flag that existed in the earlier versions. :neutral_face:

Is this a bug or is the activity able to invoke multiple entry points of a process without having to use this flag? :thinking:

I checked the documentation, and it states that the Use Package flag is supposed to exist.


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Hi All, It would be great if we can have some examples or tutorials on using global variables. Thanks.

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Hi @massimilianolorenzin

Could you try updating the Credentials activity package to the latest version?

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Thanks for the report @AndyMenon, this will be fixed in the future version.

For the record, I think the setting is still there and active in the XAML file for this activity, it’s just that it is hidden from view:

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I’v done it but I still get that error. I figured it out deleting the activities in the Catch block in “Get credendials” framework.

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Thanks @loginerror.
I am in the process of launching a YT video series. I will refer to this thread as an FYI.

For me it is an issue of timing because i built the automation before i upgraded to 2022.10 and then came across this issue after.

I am hoping that if users open my project in 2022.10, the flag would be internally loaded as True just as I had set it up in the previous stable release.


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I see the enhance visual looks great but still i would like to see some sequences and body or even some annotation related.

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“Same issue from Mike_Campbell MCampbell Junior Robot”

After upgrading to 2022.10.1, my test project was flagged as needing update from legacy to windows.
I ran the update and it appeared to compile.
After starting to run my test, I get the following exception, very early in my project…

“VisualBasicValue: Expression Activity type ‘VisualBasicValue`1’ requires compilation in order to run. Please ensure that the workflow has been compiled.”

I also updated the packages to current just to make sure there wasn’t a companion package needed… same result.

I started running it in debug mode and found that the expression it was hanging on was (I thought) a simple text test from a string variable:

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Hi , I have a problem.
After migrate to windows from windows legacy. I cannot found some important 3rd part packages in marketplace. So is there any way to migrate back to windows legacy?


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So when you convert a project from legacy to widows the old project is not lost :slight_smile: So you can just open the older project and continue to develop it or to use it.

If you have not selected the “Create new project” option than the conversion is a one way process.



No . if you just copy xmal file from windows project to windows legacy project, you cannot open that xaml file in windows legacy project, it will report error.

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Documentation shows 2022.10 is the last version to allow users to create new projects using the Windows-legacy framework, continuing on to state you will still be able to open and edit Windows-legacy projects. I have not read anything discussing when executing such projects will be deprecated.

Take a look at the “Upcoming deprecations” section of the Studio 2022.4.1 Release Notes:

*EDIT: I just saw the reply by @alexandru (currently no plans to deprecate execution of legacy workflows).

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I’m a bit puzzled , since I did not suggest that you could just copy the files around and continue your work.

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