UiPath Community 2022.1 Preview Release

UiPath Community 2022.1 Preview Release

Adding to our December 2021.12 Community Preview, below you will find the highlights from today’s release.


With the first release of the year, 2022.1, we have updated .NET to version 6 and we bring performance and stability improvements.

Document Understanding

With this release, we continue our effort of improvements of ML Activities (using the ML Package 1.11.0-preview), by enhancing the ML Classifier Trainer with support for Public Datasets: with its newest version, users can reference public Datasets via URL, having training enabled even in air-gapped scenarios.

Furthermore, we have also invested effort in non-functional delights by migrating the PDF package to .net5 windows (in version 3.5.0-preview), having the Read PDF activity consuming the same behaviour as Digitize as well as enhancing the Extraction Result with the unformatted value resulted from extraction - so that one has easy access to the ML model value too!

Please tell us what you think

Which features excite you the most and you are going to try right away? We want to hear what you think! Please use the image button below :slight_smile:



Hello Pawel,
great news. :grinning:
My favorites are the update to dotNET 6 and the stability improvements. :star_struck:

Thanks and best regards

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With the new beta release everytime I interact with my git repository in GitHub the browser opens and asks me to log in to GitHub, although I selected “user/token” to connect to GitHub, not “Sign in with GitHub”… Wasn’t like this before.
At least when I cancel the GitHub login the interaction with the repository works (until next time and I’m again asked to login to GitHub).

@andreas.klaar thanks for reporting this. We have replication steps, we are aware of the issue and working to provide a fix. This is a bug on our side that will be fixed soon.

@Pablito, does this also mean that we can develop custom activities in .NET6?

Since .NET 6 is in place, hot-reload would be a killer feature


Hello everyone,

You can now run the new Docker image for the Robot with .NET6 support from registry.uipath.com/robot/runtime:22.1.0-beta.7276. In order to run cross-platform projects created or opened in Studio 2022.1 you must use this image.

Please let us know what you think,


ML package…

as that link no workie - can anyone advise as to the purpose of registry.uipath.com?