UiPath Community 20.10 stop work with swing and awt lines

I have been using uipath since last year to test an application as a case.

After the last update to the version UiPath Community 20.10, when the Uipath tries to validate some objects the lines are not anymore available and just lines are shown.

The same problem happens when the user tries to validate the Selector using the UI Explore.

Open JDK Java 1.8.0-265

This image is when I start to execute the test and there is a table to validate if is visible or not.

Hi @Jhana.Horacio ,

What is the old selector that worked?
What is the new selector generated?
Can you attach a picture, using the 20.10 version , of the hierarchy inside UiExplorer when indicating the line? (even if the line doesn’t get selected)

I didn’t change the selector, this is the same. When I started execute the test I realize that all lines start to be white and editable like in the picture, than I had a look on
the selector and I realize that always when the uipath need to identify and validate a element it was happening.

I didn’t edit the selector, just open it to edit using the Uipath editor, after that when you click on the option Validate the lines changes from the normal to editable lines. If you try to create another selector or another activity the same thing will happen.
This selector have been used for all last year and it was working fine.

I tried it on the stable and the preview version and it happened on both.
I am sending more photos, I only can`t put photos of the application under test.

This is not a problem that can be solved by changing a selector or something, I’m afraid it needs to be debugger a little bit more my someone from UiPath. I advise you to contact the support.

I am using the comminty version.

Hi @Jhana.Horacio

A few questions:

  • what are the versions of your activity packages? (a screenshot from Package Manager would be nice)
    • did you update the packages for this project, or did they stayed the same and only Studio was updated to 20.10?
    • if you did update them, have you tried downgrading these packages to the previously working versions?
  • have you used and/or updated the Java extension?
  • could you confirm what your exact current Studio version (i.e. 20.10.3)

Hi @loginerror,

  1. Yes, I updated all the packages I attached an image with all used packages. Screenshot 2021-01-25 094818

  2. I made an updated Java today and I am sending the photo with the old and the new one.

  3. Yes, the version is 20.10.3 I also attached an image of the version.

I am still trying to create a workaround solution, but at the moment without any success.

I believe you could try do downgrade the UIAutomation activity package to the previous version and see if that fixes the issue.

In the meantime, I informed our team about the issue and we will look into it.

I will try it right now.

Hi @loginerror

I tried it on two different screens after downgrading the versions and no success with this try.

Here are the versions that I used:

Just to give an update, thanks to @Jhana.Horacio feedback our team was able to fix the issue. The fix will be available in one of the incoming releases.


we have a similar problem on UiPath studio 2022.10 (a table that is cleared using UiExplorer).
This fix is already released?


Yes, it should be. Please try upgrading the UIAutomation package version.