UiPath Community 20.10 Stable Release - System and Web

System & Web activities

The 20.10 release of the System and Web packages have mostly been about compatibility with other new features (e.g. C#, the new sign-in protocol) and bug fixing. Even so, a few new features made it in this release.

Desktop triggers

After giving it some thought, we decided that we need to have a common platform for managing triggers in automations. As a result, the main entry point for monitoring triggers (formerly known as the “Monitor Events” activity) has found a new home in the System package, under a new name: Trigger Scope. This activity is usable with all the triggers present in UIAutomation, System and any other 3rd party trigger activities that anyone can develop. Each package can expose trigger activities which pertain to the purpose of that specific package – UI triggers in UI Automation, file system triggers in the System package, etc.

Trigger scope can handle either only the first trigger event, all of them sequentially or concurrently (in parallel). In the latter case, we have adapted the Break activity to work with the new scope and prevent infinite loops.

Zip activities

Want to handle Zip archives? No longer do you have to copy/paste code that you may or may not understand in Assign activities. We now have Extract/Unzip Files and Compress/Zip Files activities that take care of that task for you.


Modify Text

Do you need to do a quick find&replace in a String that you scraped from somewhere? Or trim those spaces at the end? Or maybe just glue 2 strings together? The Modify Text activity is here for you!

Text to Left/Right

Speaking of manipulating text, you can now also get the Text to the Left/Right of a certain separator

Repeat number of times

Sometimes you don’t want to cycle through a made-up collection with For Each. Sometimes you just want to do a certain action for a specific number of times. Lucky the Repeat Number of Times activity was ported from StudioX specifically for that purpose.

HTTP Request improvements

Based on community feedback, you can now use basic authentication with only a username (no password) when sending requests using the HTTP Request activity.

Also based on community feedback, the activity can now send a custom Accept header, no longer binding you to the default options.

Other things

This release also addresses the hotfix released by Microsoft for a critical security vulnerability in the way .NET deserializes XML. This was also backported to System 20.4.4.

The entire System package has now been upgraded and is fully compatible with the C# Studio feature. For more information about C# support, see About Automation Projects.

The Download File activity has been renamed to a more appropriate Wait for Download.