UiPath Community 20.10 Stable Release - StudioX

I believe you said you were using a “Trial”? Trial is a form of Enterprise so you cannot update from within the software as usually IT departments want to control when Enterprise software is updated. Normally just need to download and install the new version and it will update in place

As a side note, the Community edition automatically updates itself in place.

Thank you so much for your quick help with this

Hi @AndrewHall ,

Given that now there’s an option to add a meeting as a ‘teams meeting’ in outlook, can we have this feature in the outlook’s ‘Send Calendar Invite’ activity?

Please help on this. Since teams offers the best meeting experience, we use it most often and are in need of this

Thank you in advance

@ovidiuponoran is the owner of our email and calendar capabilities so tagging him.

cc: @Raluca_Laic

Hi @ovidiuponoran ,

Request your help on this. Simply the option to change a ‘Calendar Invite’ activity to a ‘Teams Meeting’ as and when required can do the needful. Thank you.

Hi @vishalshekar45825 I will add your request to the backlog.

Thank you for your turnaround on this.

Hi @ovidiuponoran Please inform me when this becomes available.

Hi @AndrewHall .

The ‘Datascraping’ feature in UiPath studio is of a huge help. Is there any possibility to build a StudioX version of it for the citizen users?

@vishalshekar45825 StudioX has had Data Scraping capabilities since the GA release in 20.4.

cc: @Cosin

I get that but in studio, we had the ability to pull several pages of data in one shot and put them into an organized excel table like in this video:

Link: UiPath - How to Data Scrape from a web page and save to Excel - Full Tutorial - YouTube

I don’t know if StudioX has that ability to mass pick correlated set of data liek from a search result…etc. If yes, then what is the activity/package I should use?

Please help. Once again, thank you @AndrewHall for all the support on everything whenever I have asked.

@Cosin is the owner of our data scraping capabilities, so I’ll leave it with him.