UiPath Comm Edition Registration Issue

Hi @tarekmadkour, can you send me a private message to so I can attempt to get into my account.

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Hi @tarekmadkour, if you can private message me as well, having the same issue and can’t get on platform. Thanks

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Hi all. I sent private message to those that reported having the same error. I requested the email addresses that you used in signing in so we can investigate.

Current status: our team is investigating; no fix available yet. For now, you can sign-in using Google or Microsoft if you are willing to use an @gmail or @outlook address. Login with Google and Microsoft is not affected by this issue.

Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.


Im currnently trying to sign in using @gmail.com and Im getting the following error:

“Signup error. An account with given email already exists”

Can I please be assisted? Please send me a message in order for me to provide any information needed.

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@GABRIEL_DROZ - Are you signing up or logging in?
For Gmail, try the following:

  • Go to platform.uipath.com
  • Make sure you are on the “login” screen not the “signup” screen. If you’re on signup, click the “login” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the “continue with Google” button
  • Sign in using your Google account on the Google sign-in pages

Does this work for you? If not, where does it fail?


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Same issue here. Getting account exists error when logging into orchestrator for the first time.

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Hello Tarek,

This does not work either.
What happens is:

  1. Select login
  2. Select Gmail
  3. Select Gmail account
  4. UiPath redirects us to ****/portal_/captureuserdetails
  5. two options: either fill in the requested fields (signing up) or click login again.
  6. Signing up gives us the error mentioned above // Clicking ’ Login’ sends us back to the option where we can select gmail/Microsoft/Linkedin etc. (***/Login).

Also, as mentioned by me earlier, this happens when i use a private email address:
I was able to successfully create an account using a @hotmail.com email. However, when i try to log in it gives me an ‘internal server error’. Also, the activation email you get after registering sends me back to the ‘Register’ page instead of a validation confirmation.

I hope this information will be enough for you to detect the issue.
Thanks in advance.

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Same issue here, cannot create an account!
I even got a different error when creating an account, please see the attachment.
Please fix this asap

A non Gmail Email doesn’t work either!

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Please see here for an update :slight_smile:

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The process also fails without a company name, but you can create an account.
However, once you try to log in you will get an ‘internal server error’.

The fix has been deployed. Please try now and let us know :slight_smile:


Dear @Pablito,

I was able to login, all seems fine now. Thanks for your support.

Best Regards,


Still not working for me. I either get an ‘‘Internal server error’’, an endless loading screen or ‘‘Oops! Something went wrong on our end. We are working to get it fixed as soon as we can. Please give it a try later or contact UiPath Support for help.’’

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Fyi, it has nothing to do with Company name. I’ve tried to make an account without a company name, on a generic gmail account. Still not working…

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Can you please try with your browser in incognito mode? Just to be sure there is no caching issue.

@tarekmadkour do you have any inputs on Yagsinats’s errors?

Tried it, didn’t work. Tried different browser as well.

Sorry to see this not working for you @Yagsinats desipite the fix that was deployed. It looks like your issue is different.

Do you mind sharing the exact steps that you’re taking?

Is it:

  • you go to uipath.com
  • click start trial
  • click “choose community”
  • you see a “signup” screen
  • you choose signup with email
  • you fill in name, company, etc.
  • you put in a username and password
  • click signup
  • you get “oops” error?

Or is it a different set of steps?

Can you also send me the URL for the error page in a private message?

Thank you


Also, we are refining our support process to allow filing support cases for signup issues.

In general you can file support issues here: https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/cloud-platform-technical-support

For signup issues, you can directly email your issues here: cloud.support@uipath.com. Please use this email only for signup issues.

Thank you for being our best customers :slight_smile:


Tried to sign in again, works now. Thanks.