UiPath Coded Automation?

Hi everyone, hope you are doing great,

I was scrolling through linkedin the other day and I saw a post where it said UiPath is introducing a new way of automation called “Coded Automation”, and that it currently supports Python and C#,

I tried searching more info about it but I cant find anything else besides that post,

Is this “Coded Automation” already a thing or is this just in like a beta phase,

If it is actually a thing I would like to know how I can access to it and use it, cause I’ve been working with automation for some time but I’ve always been a programmer, so I always wanted to find an automation with code software,

Thanks and sorry if this is not the right place to ask!

Hi @Matias_Finochio,

Its a feature that is still in private preview.

You can join the insider preview program if you would like to get early access to early builds of upcoming features and updates, you also get the opportunity to share valuable feedback as well.

refer the below to join UiPath insider preview program

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