UiPath Cloud Tenant login not possible

Dear all,

I am experiencing right now a problem with my UiPath tenant.
I am getting the message
Key vault error response:
when I want to login on https://cloud.uipath.com/ Does anyone had this in the past and knows how to loves it? I cannot login.

BR Lukas

I am getting the same error. https://status.uipath.com/ says everything is ok…maybe they haven’t realized something is wrong yet.

We are seeing the same thing. I have not seen any updates on https://status.uipath.com/ but I wonder if they are having an outage.

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same problem here.

Found a similar issue from October in the forum. Seems like UiPath Support Team needs to fix it.


I am also facing the same issue with the UiPath tenant. However, the status page shows everything is running smoothly as below:

Can somebody look into it and guide us on how to resolve the issue?

@loginerror @Pablito

Same here.
The status page has been updated:

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OK seemed to be shared for me now. I think it only was a temporaly issue.

BR Lukas