UiPath Cloud available Services


Can anybody please provide a list of services that available in AUTOMATION CLOUD ? I got a list but I am not sure if it is complete and/or correct.

Action Center (Actions and Processes)
AI Center
AI Computer Vision
Automation Hub
Automation Ops
Data Service
Document Understanding
Automation Suite Robots
Process Mining
Task Mining
Test Manager

Hi @m.soto

Below are the list of available services

  1. Orchestrator
  2. Studio Web
  3. Apps
  4. Action Center (Actions and Processes)
  5. AI Center
  6. AI Center
  7. AI Computer Vision
  8. Automation Hub
  9. Automation Ops
  10. Data Service
  11. Document Understanding
  12. Insights
  13. Automation Suite Robots
  14. Process Mining
  15. Task Mining
  16. Test Manager
  17. Marketplace
  18. Integration Services


Thank you very much for the information

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