UiPath Click is unable to find control and throws 'Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector' error

I am trying to click a image uploader which looks like below and its towards the end of the page but not at the end.

There are many other controls in this page but my requirement is to go the image holder, click it and upload image using file browse dialog. So I have used “Click” and “Type Into” activities. Which works fine when I scroll down the page and keep the image holder in focus/position. But when I set the page position at the top, UiPath is unable to find the control and goes directly at the end of page and throws error “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”. What I noticed is, error is thrown from “Type Into”, since image holder is not clicked and UiPath is unable to find the windows browse dialog control.
Question: How to move to the exact location of the image holder dynamically? Since tomorrow there could be many other controls added ahead of it.

Hey @Saikat,

Have you tried ‘Set Text’. Not sure but i believe ‘Type Into’ wont work if the element is not visible on the screen.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

The Click activity has not invoked by UiPath. So the windows file browse dialog did not open. I think Set Text and Type Into activity will come into picture once file browse dialog opens up. Please correct me if I am wrong. Question is why UiPath is unable to find the image loader control if page focus is set to top?

Got you @Saikat Is that a webpage that we can access and have a look.?

Rammohan B.

Sorry I cannot share the website info…its confidential :frowning: