Uipath Click Activity Does not work without delay

I’m currently trying to run a process which runs fine on my local machine. When I tried running it on another computer which is much faster than my machine, the click activity does not work unless I add a delay before the click. I’ve used the wait for ready complete option, and tried using simulate click, send messages, and the default option as well.
Is there anyway to avoid having to use delay? Is there a reason why this is happening?
Thank you for the help

May be because of the application being used and not because of click activity, try adding a attach window/browser activity and then add click

Hi @automation_smith,

You can add element exists before click to check whether the element you want to click on exists or not.

If exists, then proceed with click, else wait for sometime.

Alternatively, you can use retry scope wherein you put element exists activity as an exit criteria, once true exit, else keep retrying.


On newer version following was introduced as well:

  • Verify execution - At runtime, verifies if the action performed by the activity was correct. This is done by indicating an element that should appear or disappear after the action is performed, which is monitored and verified after the activity is executed. This feature can be enabled from the Project Settings, or from the body of the activity, by selecting Add Verification from the context menu.
  • Verify execution.Display name - The display name of the verification action. This field is autofilled based on the verification action and element you have chosen. Once Verify Execution is set up, this display name becomes visible in the lower part body of the activity, in the Workflow Designer.
  • Verify execution.Retry - When selected, the click is retried for the duration of the activity timeout, if the expected outcome was not achieved. By default, this check box is selected.
  • Verify execution.Target - This target is used to indicate the element that you want to verify at runtime. For more information on the property fields that can be expanded under this property, see the Target section above, as the functionality of the properties is the same.
  • Verify execution.Timeout - The amount of time (in seconds) to wait for the verification element to appear/disappear. If the Retry checkbox is selected, the action is performed again, followed by the verification, for the duration specified in the Timeout property of the activity.
  • Verify execution.Verify element - Defines what change you want to check the verification target for. The available options are Appeared, Disappeared, Text Changed, Visually Changed.

I’m using an object repository and element exist does not seem to be compatible with objects?

nope the click activity is within the scope of the browser

Hi @automation_smith,

Can you share screenshot of the flow?


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Can you share some screenshots??