UiPath.CLI.Windows 2023.10 compatibility

Is there any information about compatibility with UiPath.CLI.Windows 2023.10? Inside the documentation I find only information about “UiPath CLI 23.6”: Test Suite – UiPath CLI 3

Is there an overview where I can find with cli version is used in UiPath studio and how UiPath studio builds the projects?
Additionally it is not clear how to use this cli. What’s about the option --splitOutput?

A documentation is required.

I agree that this documentation is not well written or easy to find.
This is a good place to start:

I’ve found that I’ve learned the most about UiPath.CLI.Windows by downloading the package and running the commands from the command line to see what is available.
One thing that you should know is that the packaged Examples that you can see from running the command line do not show the actual required scopes for the API endpoints that the CLI is targeting.
But you can find the required scopes here: