UIPath CLI issues

Hi guys, hoping you can help

I am trying to automate the build and deployment process, sort of CICD with Github and am trying to use uipcli to help me to do so, seems to be the latest version from myget

I am calling uipcli as follows

“C:\uipathcli\lib\net461\uipcli.exe” package pack “C:\Actions_Runner_work\GIT_CICD\GIT_CICD\project.json” -o “C:\Actions_Runner_work\GIT_CICD\GIT_CICD” -v $VERSION -l en-US

But I keep getting the following

uipcli.exe Error: 0 : NU1007: The runtime.json specified in the project ‘C:\uipathcli\lib\net461…\runtime.json’ could not be found.

Under my uipathcli directory, I certainly don’t have a “runtime.json” file, so I am sure I am doing something silly here so would appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance