UiPath Citizen Developer - Feedback Space

Way to Go! Very good tool to automate your everyday task. This course is easy to navigate. Thanks UiPath!

Sometimes, even after 'resolving dependencies, I am still unable to load the practice solutions .main file into UiPath Studio X. Any suggestions?

the fonts used in pictures are very small and very difficult to read

Great Practice!

Hello Emmanuel Here, Starting Journey on RPA learning

The course Getting Started with UiPath StudioX was great, Recommended

Anyone have any information on the assessment? How many attempts are allowed etc?

Hi @tyrone.mckenna!

There are infinite attempts, but only 3 attempts per day. Let me know if you have other questions!

this is a great starting place for learning about RPA

After updating and saved my project a few times, it still did not run correctly. It sometimes created the pdf folder, but did not move anything to it. It sometimes created the pdf folder, and only moved 1 pdf files over. It worked correctly after I restarted Uipath StudioX

Thanks so much!

Finalizei o primeiro modulo do StudioX e estou gostando muito! Curso muito bom, de fácil aprendizado!