Uipath Chrome / Firefox extension approval AMO/Google

In our business we cant use firefox / chrome uipath extension due to the fact these are not listed extensions.
Can you guys make these available on the addons.mozilla.com (AMO) or Google Chrome store as we can only use validated listed mozilla /google extensions. This will also improve the compatibility on future browser/ Security/ stability updates and prevent a possible (future) ban on 3rd party extensions in Chrome/mozilla/firefox browser.

Thanks that would be awesome :slight_smile:


Hi Mike, the extensions are actually published in both stores but you can only install them form there if you have the url and you know what post config steps to follow. The reasoning behind is the extensions are working only in conjunction with additional configuration done via Studio.
Just installing the extension from the store would not lead to a complete/functional extension support.


Hi @gheorghestan
Sad but understandable. Is there a plan for a standalone version in the near future? Or can we take a look at the post config instructions to see if we can get this accepted by our infra?

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Hi @MickeyFireMouse.

Would the infrastructure team be able to use the setupExtension command line tool for installing both Chrome and Firefox extensions?

Details here: https://studio.uipath.com/docs/installing-the-chrome-extension
and https://studio.uipath.com/docs/installing-the-firefox-extension

Let me know if I can further help.

Thank you

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Thanks @gheorghestan
Ill get our infra team to look at this. If i need some more information ill get back to you.
Thanks for the support!

What are the URLs to the extensions listed on the Chrome and Firefox extension sites?