UIPath Chrome Extension not working and not able to re-install (Image Decode Failed)

Scenario: ChromeNativeMessaging.exe crashed. UIPath unable to find selectors in chrome.exe. Uninstalled and now unable to reinstall

Steps to reproduce: Uninstall extension. Try to reinstall extension from chrome web store. Search does not bring up extension. Direct link from UIPath Studio does,

Current Behavior: Extension does not install. Instead I get error message “Image Decode Failed”

Expected Behavior: Extension installed. UIPath able to get selectors from webpages

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: UIPath Studio 2017.1.6498 CE

Last stable behavior: same
Last stable version: same
OS Version: Windows 7 Professional
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Hi Stratum…

I have similar issue last week and got resolved following these instructions. Try if possible. Hope this helps you.

Mansi Rao.

Hey Mansi,
thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I already tried it, and, since I uninstalled the extension, there’s no entry in regedit, so there’s nothing to modify or to trace. The specific problem is that it’s not possible to re-install the extension atm.

Thanks tho



Hi @Stratum,

Looks like issue is from chrome.Please install new chrome or update chrome if available.
Still same issue then check below post.

Troubleshooting image decode failed


Hey Dilip,
this did the trick I got it working again. Thanks a million for the link!



anytime mate :+1:

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