UIPath Certification related

I am planning for UiPath certification and i have below queries,

  1. Is RPA Developer cerification the first one or RPA Developer Advanced certification the first one to appear for a new RPA learner?

  2. Is RPA certification an open book exam where we can use internet while appearing for the exam or it is proctored and we are not allowed to use internet during the exam?

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  1. For new RPA learner, follow the below order

        complete three levels in the UIPath Academy 
        a. Foundation Diploma
        b. Orchestrator
        c. Advanced Diploma (Advanced certification)

And then you can appear for RPA Developer Certification.

  1. Open exam. You can refer to anything. But you have to complete exam in the given time.

Is “RPA Developer cerification” and “Advanced RPA Developer Certification” one and the same or different?

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Both are different.

Advanced certification is in UIPath Academy.
Developer Certification - https://certificate.uipath.com