UiPath certification questions- what if failed in exam

Hi team,

I want to do UIpath advance certification but I have some questions before appearing exam.

Q1. Like last year uipath did the free certification camp in April 2020 so the same will be happen in 2021.

Q2. I am part time student so is that any way to get the voucher for for single student I read that you have to buy the voucher in bulk than you will get 50% discount on it but I am the only one in my class who want to do UIpath certification.

Q3. What if I didn’t pass the exam so for the next attempt again I have to pay 200$ ?

Q4. What is the best way to complete certification course in 15days.

Hi Pramod,

It’s been great to hear that you want to do the UIpath advance course but for that, you need to have very good knowledge to pass the exam without any failure.
As you asked in Q4, then it’s up to you how you catch each and every detail in a short time to crack your exam. You can go for RPA UIpath advance training, where you will get a strong knowledge of UiPath features and technology.