UiPath Certification ACME website is having issues with special characters

It seems that my work email blocks UIPath confirmation email. Doesnt even go to spam. I registered with my personal mail without any problems.

There seems to be an issue with special characters on names:


Should be “André”. I can’t find were to correct it.

Hi - You can go to your profile setting and update your information there.

I don’t see any profile settings in https://certificate.uipath.com/
Got a link to that? There is user options, but no option for that…

Hi @andrecl

Looks like a bug on the certification ACME website, I will forward it to our development team.


Thank you very much.

Should I wait with starting the Quiz and/or practical exam until it is fixed? Or can I start?

I am mostly worried about if the issue will show on the certification if I start on the quiz before it is fixed.

i think its just the Ui issues you can start your quiz that will not affect anything because of UI issue

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