Uipath Certification Account being blokced

When I try to login account and attend the quiz, the system said my password was wrong. I use the same account and password to login orchestrator, it works. Also, the forget password function did not work and I can’t receive email from it. Finally, my account has been blocked due to too much login. Please give me some suggestion to solve it.

Hi, there could be 2 chances for it

  1. you might have created the account with Gmail and during login instead of using option “use Gmail to login” , you might have used login with mail

  2. Mail ID could be wrong

What option you can try now is
Go to the mail sent by uipath for confirming your mail ID
And click on that link

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Since this is not a new account and I have login before but it just not work today and I have tried all four types login option. All cannot login

And when I press the verity email link, it takes me to the login page again. It needs me to type in the account and password

If you are from China province , Since the google has been blocked there , that could be the possible issue
In this case pls write to Uipath support team

I am from Hong Kong, and the email I use to register account is company email which does not belongs to google. And I find one more interest thing that while my login in certification page is being blocked I still able to login orchestrator one by using the bottom option to login.