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I am running the Create Yearly Report workflow and it keeps showing an error when I click the OK button on the message when there is no report found. I have tried adjusting the selector many times but it continues to fail.

There are 2 popups as you see above.
I think there should be 2 Click activities with try/catch to click both ‘OK’ buttons

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Hello @J111

As @Dongjin_Lee said above there’s two differents pop-ups, so you should use try/catch or if condition to get them both.

Follow below link to help you :point_down:

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Just a thought, I too had similar one used Element exists with an if condition and worked!!
Yes, as suggested we can try catch as well.

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Hi @PavaniDilip

It’s true, we can use if condition, it’s what i used…

I’m using both of the click OK within an IF condition


Change the selectors, by the onces given on the abovd link, you must omit some stuff so that your selectors works fine…

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