UIPath CE is not identifying anything on SAP

I am trying to automate SAP logon and try accessing SAP LH1.
However my UIPath CE is not identifying anything on SAP where as it is working perfectly fine on all my colleague’s machine’s. I am using Win 10. Can some one help me?
I have enabled Scripting as well under Options.

Hi @visitsiva123

As far as I am aware, there should be no major functionality differences between CE and Enterprise versions of UiPath.

Are you sure that your version is up-to-date and that the versions of your packages are also fully updated?

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Hey @visitsiva123
Have you checked on your machine SAP scripting is enabled for both client and server Side?


did you Enable scripting in machine where Robot runs …

Hi @loginerror,

Thanks for the quick response.
Even today also I have reinstalled.
All the packages are up to date as ‘Auto update’ is enabled.

Hi @aksh1yadav,

on my machine (Client) same as my colleagues , SAP Scripting is enabled.

it is not a CE or Studio issue. :slight_smile:

can i know you system Resolution and Layout Properties :slight_smile:


Here is the screenshot :slight_smile:

Resolution : 1600 * 900

Server side too enabled?

Before on the same system it was running? or first time you are getting?
and try to change different framework in Uiexplorer and then tell the result :slight_smile:

Still layout property is missing :slight_smile:


Its working for whole my team which means Server side is enabled by default right? or Is it specific to user? But as per the below link… it is not specific to user.

From the time I have installed, I am facing this issue.It never worked on my machine.
Changed framework in UIExplorer but no luck.

Layout : Can you please guide me how to get these details?


Any work around for this issue?
Thanks in advance!

Issue resolved after formatting the system. Looks like, Issue is because of few default registry settings related to SAP