UIPath CE in combination with Orchestrator CE (no try icon)

How to link a UIPath CE studio to an Orchestrator CE? I do not have the icon in the traybar to connect my studio to the orchestartor.

Hello @robertvanuden,

UiPath Robot are usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform.


Take a look at this:



Hi guys,

When installing 2017.1 CE, that means the .exe file, the UiRobot can be found in %localappdata%Local\UiPath\app-17.1.6435.
When installing the platform(for trial/enterprise), meaning the .msi, the robot is found in the path indicated by @Susana.


Found it! and it works now. Thanks!

does it mean that with the exe file you can’t configure the robot to start as a service ?
as i understood, when installing with a msi file you get an configuration screen(https://global.discourse-cdn.com/uipath/original/2X/9/90773165005f68432b44ba62eec49ebf6ea8101c.png) where you can specify the robot to start as a service. using the exe file a don’t get this configuration screen.
Where can i get the msi installer ?

That’s right @orcema, you can’t have the Robot as a service with the .exe file.
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