Uipath can't detect emails from addresses with capital letters


I’ve build a robot which gets PDF files from email, reads them and inputs the information to our company’s system. It has worked great for several suppliers for a year now.

However, I’m facing a problem. I would like to add more suppliers but when there are capital letters within the sender’s email address, Uipath can’t detect the email. I can’t share the emails nor the addresses, but the email addresses are this kind: eXAMple@Example.com.

If I forward the exact same email back to my email address, it can read it. Also when the emails are from example@example.com, it works. What could cause the issue?

Our company’s email works only with the get IMAP Mail Messages function so that’s why I’m using it. I’ve attached a screens shot of a test flow which I use to see if Uipath can or cannot detect new unread emails from different suppliers.

Happy automation!