UiPath Business Analyst Certification

After you receive the certification what is the process then of looking for work in this field?

Hi , welcome to uipath community forum
Congrats on your RPA BA certification achievement
Please get some real time world scenarios and read the PDD s , SDD s of few sample projects
Then you will understand how the real world challenges are , and how to do the requirement analysis in RPA

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Happy automation

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Thank you for the advice I will do just that. In your experience, how long did it take after doing all that before you felt ready to apply for a BA position?

How did you get rpa business analyst certification?

Hi, I’m looking for the answer for same question. How can we get RPA BA certification?

I am having the same question thanks for asking

What is the name of that certification? RPA Associate? I can’t find any BA specific certification.

How did you get rpa business analyst (certification)