UiPath Browser Conversion Tool

Earlier when we need to migrate the workflows from legacy browser to the new browser , we have to change all the selectors or either we have to build the new process from scratch on new browser, but by using this tool we will see how we can easily migrate the workflows within few seconds.

How to Install the tool?

  1. We have to log in first to the UiPath Automation cloud platform.

Once you log in to the Automation Cloud, you will see the below page.

2.Click on dots at the top left corner.

3.Click on help button.

4.Below window will appear:-

5.Under Featured Download, we will see an option “UiPath Tools”. Under UiPath tools , Click on Browser Migration tool.

6.Once you click on it, it will download the zip file “UiPathBrowserMigrationTool.zip” under Downloads folder.

7.Extract the zip file and you would see the below folder structure.

Download click on UiPath.ConversionTool and this would open the tool for you.

  1. Here is the interface of the tool:-

Implementation in UiPath

  1. Built a process in UiPath using any browser type (eg:- IE, Chrome,Edge, Browser)

I built one small process for the demo in UiPath, it uses Edge as the browser type.

  1. Now, copy the project folder location of the workflow and pass the location in the UiPath Conversion Tool as shown below.

3.If we click on ‘preview changes’, then the original files are not modified, only a change log is generated else the updates are applied to the source XAML files.

  1. Under Browsers, choose the Source Browser and Target Browser.

Specifies the source browser. The possible options are IE, Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

Specifies the destination browser, The possible options are Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

  1. Once you click on Start ,the following message would appear which indicate that the browser type has been changed from Edge to Chrome .

  1. Go back to UiPath studio and refresh the project. you will notice that the changes were done successfully in the workflow.

How the Conversion Tool Works

In order to migrate the workflows from using one browser to another, there are a list of things that are done, as follows:

  • The <html...> selectors are migrated by updating their app property.
  • The BrowserType property of the Open Browser and Attach Browser activities is modified accordingly.
  • Any Kill Process activity targeting the Source Browser is updated to target the Target Browser.

**Note:-**The conversion tool does not have a 100% success rate. To get closer to such a rate, it is recommended to perform validation on the migrated workflows.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Happy Automation!!


Hi @Nitya1,

Thanks for sharing.

Is this browser for free? I would like to try it for myself. Thank you so much!

Hey @ronaldjason2k20

Yep, the tool is available with all type of licenses including community !

So you can use the same.


Yes, the tool is absolutely free for anyone to use.


Thanks for your reply. I will definitely try.

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