UiPath breaking GDPR (UiBank)

Whatever policy “there is” was not there when I first registered my account on UiBank.
Don’t force new policy on me, you can’t just make me delete ALL my account because I don’t agree on some test site ASKED (yes in past tense) for my “sex” and “number of children” and you give NO option to remove my data other than delete ALL my accounts?
You guys are insane!

Feels like a punishment for complaining.

You are right. That’s one of the most important things we wanted to fix. Just to make it clear, at this point, it is possible to remove just the UiBank data by sending an email to dpo@uipath.com or privacy@uipath.com. All the other data (Forum, Academy) will not be affected by this.

Ok, I will send a message now, see if they respond to my email.

Keep us updated! I’d like to see this closed off as I am emotionally invested now.

The way to manage our data is very inconvenient, and there is no good way to manage it but by “sending an email” it’s pretty horrible but finally something was done, my data was ‘reset’, my account was ‘not deleted’. So I can close this now. I still believe you guys don’t fully understand this which is said, but I close this post now. For future accounts the problem solved, for past accounts not, because those who registered before the change still don’t have clear instructions when they login, how to remove that data (unless they find this post). Anyways, I am done.

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