Uipath bot is not typing when screeen is locked

The bot will run through batch file. But the TypeInto or Typing is not working when screen is locked. Please help me

If that an attended bot?

That shouldn’t be run ideally using a batch file.

If it’s an attended robot, you can’t run it unattendedly. It is attended, you’ll jave to attend the screen session and the robot eill do its task.

If it is unattended, I wonder why you need a bat file for that. You can simply schedule it frok orchestrator?

Hi Santosh,

As correctly mentioned by rahul i am not sure why do you require batch file to run your process you can schedule it from orchestrator. if you run from orchestrator bot will make connection with your machine it will automatically disconnect and unattened automation will go smoothly and you will not see any issues with mouse click and type into.

in your scenario if you want to click or type into data to an application while system is locked you have to try with simulate option. simulate option will resolve your issue.


I am not using Orchestrator.

is it an attended or unattended license?

The screen should not be locked in attended robot. If you have attended you will have to keep the screen open