UiPath - Azure Form Recognizer


does anyone have an idea, methodology, use-cases regarding how to work with Azure Form Recognizer in combination to UiPath?

Thank you.

Hi @Pandya_Meet

You have the Azure form recognizer activities in UiPath. Install the AzureForumRecognizer package.

You can find the activities in activities panel.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you for the reply.
This package is good to have but do you know if it is supported by UiPath?


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There is no official activity which gives to form recognizer…you can use form recognizer api instead and use http activity in UiPath to connect to it and get the data


Apart fromt hat there are few marketplace activities as well again these are not official



Hi @Anil_G ,
I would like to try the marketplace package like u mentioned (link). But cannot find it from Manage packages. Do u have any idea why?


these are available only in legacy and not in windows


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