Uipath Automation step by step guide to help iterate over video thumbnails on an webpage

Hello guys,
I am a newbie in Uipath Path Automation, I would like to request your assistance for the following use case of iterating over video thumbnail present over a webpage. Please help me,
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Welcome to the UiPath Community @elucinator!

You can first try to use the Data scraping wizard from UiPath studio, that eill help to extract the structured data all at once. You can click on Data scraping wizard, click on next, select the first thumbnail then again click on next, then select the second thumbnail. This will help UiPath to understand the pattern amd extract all the thumbnails in that page.

Once scrapped, you will have the data in a datatable. Store the output of that scraping in a datatable.

Then you can use a For Each loop to iterate through all the elements that you extracted.

Hope this helps! Happy learning!

Link to a video to understand Data Scrapping:

Data Scraping - UiPath

Following the video link given it shows “This control does not support data extraction please select a table cell”
Please kindly help

Maybe you can share the link to the website with the thumbnails?

Maybe you check this example that will extract the links to the images on a website.Loop-Emoji.xaml (10,9 KB)

its actually a custom use case I came up with for that i just used the youtube homepage for reference

Ok here you are: An extractor for all the urls for the videos on the YT page.
Loop-YouTube.xaml (10,5 KB)