UiPath Automation does not work on Google Chrome in VM

I have a workflow which works perfectly when i trigger it through the orchestrator on a machine which has UiPath Studio Installed .
But the same workflow is not able to perform any actions on the chrome browser if the orchestrator directs it to open on a machine which does not have UiPath Studio It simply open the chrome browser and none of the actions are executed after that.
I have installed the UiPath Plug-in in the chrome browser of that machine and also have uiPath robot on that system.
Can someone please help me out !

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Hi Harish,

You mention you are running the same workflow on machine which does not Uipath Studio installed. You need UiPath Studio installed in order to run the workflow unattended or attended using orchestrator.

Hi Harish,
In this case you have to add the missing activities in Robot Feed manually. Or you have a orchestrator setup, you can add them in orchestrator feed. Additionally, you need to whitelist some ip addresses in your robot machine to allow downloading packages from myget.com feed.

Learn more here:

Regards, Tuhin