UiPath Attended robot

I am just starting to think of introducing UiPath into our company. And have a basic question. If RPA developer will create a attended robot with his license, how do we run the robot on the station of the user who will on daily basis run the robot? Is the end-user of the robot, need additional license to run it?

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Let’s go one by one

Once a attende bot is deployed it can be run from UiPath Assitant where we can run the process from a user interface
And anyone who is installed with a robot and robot assistant they can run the bot whenever they need

Well not really
It depends

If you want to have the control and run the bot and still send the output of the process as a mail to the user, then you can have it in your machine
But if user wants to run in their machine whenever they want then you can install a robot and a robot assistant in their machine so that they can execute

Here you go on docs which can help you clarify few more stuffs

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As UiPath provides Attended Robot license as Named User basically, it’s required per user. (Such as Automation Developer , Attended etc)

The following document will help you.